EMS for Medical Purposes

EMS can be prescribed and administered by medical experts, such as sports medicine doctors, physical therapists, or orthopedists, whether used for recuperation, rehabilitation, muscle training, or pain management.
EMS therapy on prescription is frequently used for the following purposes:
  • Relieving back spasms. Electric muscle stimulation helps relax the back muscles, reducing lower back pain and tightness. For instance, sciatica symptoms may be brought on by tense back muscles. The sciatic nerve may feel less pressure if the spasm is stopped. Other spinal conditions including postural disorders and scoliosis can also cause muscle tightness and soreness, which EMS can help with.
  • Working weakened or atrophied muscles. Broken bones, soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries, neuromuscular conditions, stroke, and several illnesses can make it difficult to move or exercise, which makes muscles weaker over time. These muscles can be kept engaged and prevented from atrophy through EMS Training.
  • Muscle retraining following surgery or illness. Occasionally, a patient may struggle to contract muscles on command after orthopedic surgery or a medical condition (like a stroke). The electrical impulses employed in EMS can be used in these situations to “re-educate” the muscle. During therapy, if the patient focuses on voluntarily contracting this muscle, the brain may retrain itself to do so.
  • Aiding athletic recovery. Specific low-level frequencies are used in the settings through EMS to boost blood flow, flush out lactic acid, release endorphins, and encourage muscle relaxation. This may be helpful for athletes who engage in high-intensity training and are prone to severe cramps or spasms. For example, endurance athletes may want to incorporate regular EMS training sessions into their schedules to maintain their muscles relaxed and continue exercising safely.

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