Is protein powder good for you?

Wondering; is protein powder good for you? Back in the day, the best protein powder for weight loss was only available to bodybuilders, professional athletes, and fitness gurus looking to fuel their bodies after a hefty workout.

But in today’s climate, where you can get practically order everything on demand, the best protein powder for women and men are more readily available. However, does that mean you should be ingesting protein powder?

According to nutritionist and personal trainer, Lamorna Hollingsworth:

Protein powder is ideal for people who are looking for help with weight management, looking to gain muscle or weight, for athletic recovery/performance, and in some cases, as a meal replacement.

So, if you’re looking to bulk up, hit your daily protein intake, or lose some weight, there’s a protein powder for you and your goals.

To discover what protein powder is the most suitable for you and the science behind what protein powder does and whether or not you can take too much – keep reading. We’ve done all the research, put all the questions to the experts, and uncovered everything you need to know.


Lamorna Hollingsworth said, “Protein is involved in nearly every bodily process and is needed to build, repair and maintain muscles. Protein is satiating, meaning it helps us to stay fuller for longer – which is why you don’t get hungry so quickly after you eat something containing protein. If you don’t get enough protein, you could experience a loss of muscle mass and an increased risk of infections, among other things.”

“We need to eat protein throughout the day because unlike carbs which are stored in the body as glycogen and fat which are stored in the body as triglycerides, the body can’t store protein for quick use. Protein powder is a convenient and cost-effective way to consume protein and can be helpful for individuals who aren’t getting enough protein from whole foods.”

A protein powder can help you meet your daily protein target in combination with whole foods. These products can also help you cut back on meat and dairy protein sources if you are trying a plant-based diet.

Protein powder may be good for you if you are trying to lose weight. A review of research studies found reductions in body weight and fat mass in adults taking whey protein supplements. Some studies recommend having 30g of protein at meals to help with appetite control, fullness, and weight management.


Source: Fit and Well



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